East High School: Ratings and Rankings

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East High School:  Ratings and Rankings

The Denver Public Schools, State of Colorado, and other organizations provide for annual ratings and ranking of East High Schools and other schools across the city, state and country.

For the 2017-18 school year, the following ratings and rankings were publicized as a result of assessment outcomes and other data points found to be priorities by the identified organization:

  • Denver Public Schools Performance Framework (SPF) rates East High Schools “Yellow: Accredited on Watch”
  • Colorado Department of Education rates East High School as “Performance”
  • U.S. News and World Report ranks East High School as “Number 12” in the State of Colorado
  • Denver Business Journal/Niche ranks East High Schools as “Number 5 of 25” in the Denver Metro Area

The DPS School Performance is a district rating.  Yellow: Accredited on Watch, is the highest rating that was provided for any DPS comprehensive high school.  The School Performance Rating is significant in that is informed by approximately 72 data points, represents a significant amount of information related to  the status and growth of academic performance and the post-secondary progress of our students, and is a determining factor for an element of compensation for teachers and administrators.

The strengths represented in the DPS 2018 SPF for East High School include:

  • Strong graduation rate
  • Strong post-secondary readiness indicators
  • Strong academic achievement status

The areas for growth represented in the DPS 2018 SPF for East High School include:

  • Academic status for underperforming student groups:  students of color; student on free and reduced lunch, students with disabilities
  • Academic growth for underperforming student groups

We have been responding to what we have been observing as academic challenges within our school context over the course of the last school year.   School leadership, along with our CSC, began work a year ago to respond to current challenges while ensuring that we continue to grow our strengths.  The Major Improvement Strategies, along with more specific action steps that we have engaged, include the following four priorities:

  • Implementation of actions with a focus on Educational Equity
  • Use of Data-Informed Instructional Design
  • Development and implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for all students
  • Investigation into and implementation of strong instructional alignment to the PSAT and SAT assessments- the primary accountability measures

Thank you for your investment in and support of East High School.  We are proud of our students, proud of our staff, and we are working hard to further strengthen the learning experience of every Angel.

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