The Denver East PTSA is focused primarily on:

  • The East High School PTSA will be the “go to” place for parents to understand how to support and engage in the East Angel Community. We sponsor several events for parents including a Fall and Spring Social, the yearly Historic Clock Tower and East History Tour with Principal John Youngquist, the annual Historic Library Clean-up,  and the School Spirit Support Team as well as our PTSA meetings.  Additionally, we provide volunteers to programming including the Spring Arts Walk.
  • The Denver East High School PTSA supports our 200+ teachers and staff who show up every day to serve our students.  It is our intention to collaborate, appreciate and support their dedication and commitment to educating our students.
  • The Denver East High School PTSA will provide parent education and support in the area of Health and Wellness.  We are keenly aware of the current challenges facing our youth and it is our intention to provide education and resources for families in regards to mental health supports as well as drug alcohol, and sex education.  Please visit Angel Talks for information on these live, informative and educational events and stay tuned on more information about Be The Influence and our ANCHOR on-site mental health and wellness center.
  • The Denver East PTSA will provide student activity and group support through a donation from the King Soopers Card Grant.

We would love your help in driving these initiatives.  Visit our volunteer page to review opportunities and get involved today.  Thank you for your support.  Go Angels!

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