We realize that often circumstances arise in which you are not able to attend an Angel Talk in person therefore we have created the following archive so that you can watch as time permits.  Thank you to all of our presenters and support volunteers for making the Angel Talks library possible.


The Real Meaning of Leadership in the iGen Era Featuring Diana Thompson, Dramatic Adventures.

Diana B. Thompson is the founder of Dramatic Adventures. She has delivered social, emotional intelligence programs in our community for many years. Thousands of students, including many here at East High School once attended Fairytales and Feelings, and Super Hero Academy. classes. That work has now been packaged into books, curriculum and training materials entitled: Heroes Leaders Champions. Diana’s work has been endorsed by the former president of the American Psychological Association. She is also an award winning speaker and an East parent. For more, visit Diana's website.
The Real Meaning of Leadership in the iGen Era Featuring Chris Natzke, Qualities of Blackbelt Leadership, Speaking and Coaching.

Through his “Qualities of Black Belt Leadership”, Chris will show how each of us can positively impact our communities and our lives by accessing our own “Inner Champion”.

After a successful 10-year career as a corporate sales manager, Chris turned his attention to his real passion, transforming lives through martial arts and its leadership principles. For over four (4) decades, he has been a dedicated student and teacher of the martial arts, achieving the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor. In 1999, he was the United StatesNational Tae Kwon Do (Tie Kwon Doh) Champion. He now works as a leadership coach, professional speaker and is author of his book, Black Belt Leadership.

To view the presentation Chris provided with the video, please click angeltalks01242019-1 For more, please visit Chris' website.
The Emotional Impact of Social Media Featuring Lara Baker, Foster Graham.

Lara Baker is a criminal defense attorney at Foster, Graham, Milsten. & Calisher, LLP speaking about the legal ramifications of inappropriate social media use. For more on Lara, please visit here.

Why Diversity Matters -What Questions to Ask Featuring Lisa Culhane.

Relationship Coach / Writer / Public Speaker
Lisa Culhane has been a Relationship Coach and writer for a little over 5 years. Prior to venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, she worked in the nonprofit sector, focusing on civil rights and community building. In her coaching work Lisa uses the “36 Questions” to help people build better relationships and became interested in bringing the questions to the East community when she read the research that suggests the 36 question exercise can be used to effectively to break down barriers and help foster relationships in diverse communities. Lisa has two children who both graduated from East High School and who are now both at Stanford University. http://lisaculhane.com
Why Diversity Matters - Educate and Celebrate Featuring Lori Pace.

Inspirational Speaker / Community Hero / Real Estate Agent
Lori Pace worked in Urban Renewal and Redevelopment early in her career. Her involvement in the community includes serving on many boards of charities, and speaks on behalf of the American Heart Association as well as a passionate fundraiser for many causes particularly Heart Disease and community development. Whether as a keynote speaker, a workshop leader or strategic business partner, Lori helps break through the boundaries that limits ones mindset. She feels we all are unique gems and are valued more when we work and grow together. Lori has a sophomore daughter at East High School and a younger daughter in middle school. https://loripace.com/
Marijuana, Vaping and Juuling - Legal Tips for Teens Featuring Lara Baker. For more on Lara, please visit here

Lara Baker is a criminal defense attorney at Foster, Graham, Milsten & Calisher, LLP speaking about the legal rammifcations of getting involved in these drugs.
Marijuana, Vaping and Juuling - Root Causes of Teen Use Featuring Justin Luke Riley. For the presentation used in conjunction with the video, please visit here
Justin Luke Riley, Marijuana Accountability Coalition, speaking about the physical impacts of these drugs, providing options for recovery and resources.
Self Care for Stressed Out Teens Featuring Cyrina Bullard

“Cyrina Bullard has been a pharmacist for over 20 years and is now taking the leap and spreading her wings to reinvent herself with her business Catch Happiness™

Catch Happiness envisions a world that has resilience while moving through the challenges of life. As well as choosing to Catch and Cultivate Happiness, allowing for the creation of moments filled with positive energy that will foster health, wellness, and smiles.
Self Care for Stressed Out Teens Featuring Keith Bailey.

Keith Bailey is a Speaker, Speaking Coach and Corporate Trainer. Many of his presentations are drawn from his experience in the military, corporate America and personal training business. His company, Stage Coaching, works with business professionals in crafting and honing their presentations. All the world is a stage.


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