For the 2018-2019 school year, the PTSA is committed to providing the following programming to the Angel community:


Angel Talks’ mission is to provide informative speakers on topics relevant to current parenting, education and youth-related issues. The objective is to create a forum for parents to connect and cultivate a caring community of resources. Angel Talks is inspired by the 10-15 minute TED Talk format. The concept is similar; however the events will host one to three speakers to share multiple perspectives. The talks are recorded and archived to be available for public viewing. More Information…

Chair – Berni Slowey
Co-Chair – Liz Rutledge
Committee Members – Christy Belz, Lori Pace, Dana Eckoff


BTI is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce teen alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and other drug use by empowering parents with factual information and the tools to support their children in making healthy and safe choices. First established in San Francisco, it is now supported by Denver Public Schools. The website is an educational resource for parents, students and school administration. More information…

ANCHOR (Awareness, Nurture, Cope and Help Onto Resiliency)

ANCHOR is a School-Based Mental Health initiative to establish an on-site mental health and wellness facility at East High School. The overall mission of ANCHOR is to promote healthy social, emotional, and behavioral development of students. Barriers to learning must be addressed so that the general well-being of students, families and school staff can be enhanced in collaboration with other comprehensive student support and services.

Chair – Lisa Roberts
Co-Chair – Elizabeth Curran
Committee Members – Carla Witt, Polly Wagner, Linda Austin

For more on Mental Health support at East, please refer to the presentation provided at the January PTSA Member meeting here.

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